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Interliner Rates



Interline travel generally refers to discounts offered to employees and retirees of scheduled passenger airlines and courier companies.

Interline travel benefits are often available for employees, spouse, parents, dependent children and retirees of the airlines.


Interline Rate Eligibility

As a divison of  KVI Travel,  we are able to offer interline rates, which are special reduced fares (up to 80% off of retail pricing) offered by cruise lines to help fill up a ship close to it’s sailing.

Please click on the link below if you are eligible for, and wish to join KVI Travel.

Cruise lines always want their ships to sail as full as possible, so interline rates help serve this purpose, and are a big bonus for qualified interline personnel.

Cruise ships offer interline rates primarily to industry travel partners like active airline employees, airline employee’s spouses, airline retirees, and often employees of courier companies (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express, Purolator ), and occasionally there are special rates for seniors, law enforcement and fire personnel, and military.  You MUST have airline ID (or retiree ID) or a letter from your airline showing you are employed/retired from the airline.  Even defunct airline personnel may be eligible.  

Interline rates are generally available 75 – 60 days from the date of sailing, but some cruise lines have the rates available much sooner, depending on their itinerary and destinations. 

People who are qualified for interline rates, can often extend their privileges to family and friends.  Interline qualified employees can obtain one to three staterooms, depending on the cruise line and certain rules, so they can book a cabin for their friends, or extended family, if they are on the same sailing.

Also, parents, and in-laws of airline employees can travel independently of the airline employee on some cruise lines, and still receive the special interline pricing.  What a great privilege!

Every cruise line has specific rules regarding eligibility, that change from time to time, and those can be found at bottom of the KVI Travel website. 

Any booking made through us and KVI Travel that turns out to be ineligible for the interline rate may be automatically re-fared to the current retail fare and subject to penalties. 

Hotels, All-Inclusive resorts, and Land Tours

In general, interline rates typically only apply to cruise lines.  Other interline travel agencies will advertise interline rates for hotels, resorts, and land tour companies, but we have found in most cases they are just retail specials with an interline label on them.  At KVI Travel & North Mississippi Travel Consultants, we will ALWAYS find you the best rate available at the time of the booking.